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PASSAGE TO THE FUTURE - Art from a New Generation in Japan

After having been held in numerous countries around, the world the art exhibition entitled Passage to the Future has now arrived in Hungary. The show focuses on works made in Japan at the beginning of the 21st century.






© Tetsuya Nakamura: Lightning, 2004


Following the economic and political changes of the 1990s, a tendency among artists to turn towards an emphasis on daily life and the expression of personal experiences and impressions was clearly discernible in contemporary art. The exhibition presents paintings, sculptures, installations, photographs and video works, the creators of which draw their subject matter from their immediate environments. Their visual worlds depict their own personal realities. The works of art selected for this exhibition offer insights into the oeuvres of eleven young, acknowledged Japanese artists, including Atsushi Fukui, Satoshi Hirose and Maywa Denki.


Consultant: Zsolt Petrányi

Special thanks to the Budapest Gallery:

Török Tamás  Szegedy-Maszák Zsuzsanna, Andrási Gábor and Zombori Mónika, Csábi Ádámn, Földesi Anikó, Laczkó Péter, Murányi Sándor, Szabics Ágnes, Veres Anna, and Víghné Gáspár Cecília.



© Yoshihiro Suda : Red Male Red Earth, 2003  (right)

Raku Kichizaemon: Black Raku Tea Bowl Called “Byozen”, 1997  (left)



Passage to the Future: Art from a New Generation in Japan

Exhibition period:

3 February 2017 – 12 March 2017


New Budapest Gallery (Bálna Budapest)

1093 Budapest, Fővám tér 11–12.




Adult: 1000 HUF

Student, Pensioner: 500 HUF

Under the age of 6 and over the age of 70 : free of charge


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