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Japanese Film Week - Food Cinema

Japanese Film Week returns in 2017 at Toldi mozi, from 13th June to 17th June. Our theme for this year is 'Food Cinema'.





The theme of this year's Film Week is gastronomy. The five movies presented are not only introducing Japanese culinary art, but also a truly special winery and the world of a dairy as well. The main characters of this year's movies could not be more different, however, one thing in common: they are devoted to master their chosen profession. Through their stories we can learn, how the traditions of gastronomy leads them to their own cultural roots.

All five movies, made in the recent years, are screened for the first time in Hungary.




13th - 17th June, 2017


Toldi mozi

(Budapest, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 36-38)


Admission fee for each screening is 500 HUF!

Tickets can be purchased after the 1st of June at the ticket office or the website of Toldi Mozi.

The movies are screened in Japanese, with English subtitles and optional Hungarian voice-over.




14th June (Tue), 19:00:
Akanezora - Beyond the Crimson Sky

Directed by: HAMAMOTO Masaki

(2007, 120 p)

The story is set in the Edo period (1603-1868). The main character's, Eikichi's dream comes true when he finally opens a tofu-shop, called Kyo-ya in Edo (presently Tokyo). He marries Ofumi, and together they try their best to revive the shop. The greatest difficulty turns out to be the debt of their eldest son, which endangers the prosperity of the whole family.
Besides the touching story, the movie introduces the atmosphere of Edo with breathtaking scenery.

akanezora.jpg©2006 Akanezora Beyond the Crimson Sky LLP


15th June (Wed), 19:00:
There is No Lid on the Sea

Directed by: TOYOSHIMA Keisuke

(2015, 84 p)

After she had enough of living in Tokyo, Mari moves back to her hometown at the seaside. She used to work as a stage designer in Tokyo, but in the quiet town she wants to earn her living from making kakigoori (Japanese shaved ice dessert). She opens her own shop, which she renews on her own. She runs the shop with the help of Hajime, a troubled young girl with a scar on her face, who has recently lost her grandmother. The two girls try their best to revive the shop, while their friendship helps them to process their past.

tengerfedo-inmain2.jpg©2015 Banana Yoshimoto / “There Is No Lid Sea” Production Committee


15th June (Thur), 19:00:
A Drop of the Grapevine

Directed by: MISHIMA Yukiko

(2014, 117 p)

Two brothers, Ao and Roku manage a farm in Hokkaido together. Ao started a small winery after his return from Tokyo, and he tries to make the wine of his dreams from Pinot noir grape. Despite of his failed attempts, he keeps pursuing his dream. One day an unexpected traveler, Erika appears on the farm, and she changes the life of the brothers completely.  

The story takes place in the magnificent scenery of Sorachi subprefecture in Hokkaido.

szolokonnyek-kicsi.jpg©2014「A Drop of the Grapevine」Film's Partners


16th June (Fri), 19:00:
Silver Spoon

Directed by: YOSHIDA Keisuke

(2014, 111 p)

Yuugo was born and raised in the city, but he gets into an agricultural high school in Hokkaido. Most of his classmates come from dairy farming families, and they are determined to follow family traditions. Yuugo, on the other hand, has no clear picture about his future. He starts working on a dairy farm, where he tries to deal with challenging and often humorous situations of this unknown world.

The film is based on the popular manga of Arakawa Hiromu (Gin no Saji).

ezustkanal.jpg©2014 "Silver Spoon" Movie Project ©H.A./S


17th June (Sat), 19:00:
Karaage USA

Directed by: SEGI Naoki

(2014, 95 p)

Ayane returns to her hometown, Usa (Oita prefecture) from America after five years, and she brings her stepdaughter, Shirley with her. Her father owns a karaage (chicken deep-fried in oil) restaurant, but Ayane cannot stand this local specialty. Unlike the rest of the family, her father cannot accept Ayane’s relationship with her stepdaughter, which leads to constant conflicts with him. After her father gets into the hospital, Ayane decides to participate in the annual ‘Karaage Carnival’, and despite of her disgust, she starts to learn the family profession.

karaage-usa-3-kicsi.jpg ©Kara-age FILM PARTNERS

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